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This book is written by the well-known scientist-chemist S.A.Popravko who was generally recognized in 1960-80th as discoverer and researcher of chemical composition of propolis and its sources. Besides that, nowadays he is the author of the new independent unit of value (patent of Russian Federation № 2121442 dated 20.01.1998).

Honey is a symbolic product of Nature. Simultaneously it is an ultimate product of exchange work of bees, their peculiar currency and universal money accepted in any bee communities.

It applies not only to these communities but to the world of people as well. Honey along with bee wax was the major currency in trade relations  of ancient Russia, and there was no threat of disappearance of its sources.

For those people, who began to develop material resources of lithosphere, Nature offered special metal of Earth - gold as the valid money. Their truth is contained in this metal. And it is not less important than the truth of honey, a symbol of life sweetness, though with some bitter tinge of insuperable crises and contradictions. Their creative dialogue - dialogue of honey and gold, bio –and lithosphere, mediated by human intelligence - can help to find those values, which have been lost on turns of scientific and technical progress, and which still are escaping from people.

It is that truth that helps to endure bitterness of problems. Truth of new currency. This currency is quite commensurate with those ways, by which Nature and its superior social forms, that have presented to people and our planet bee honey, mentioned in title of this book, follow…


Beer honey is the highest achievement of Biosphere, of its social or labour  forms. It is a sweet kiss of flowers and bees to man, a message, which contains information about possibility of delightful  harmony of the world of nature and the world of labour. It is the world, in which man, who is capable to learn, study, acquire knowledge, skills and to work, creating the own environment of life, is invited. Armed with more and more perfect arsenal of scientific and technical progress, he creates his own civilization, which is capable to change and reshape our planet.

This "parallel" civilization, created by man, gives him a great deal of things but, alas, it can not give him the main thing:  natural forces of life. But it is the  force that feeds and support his health and can give longevity provided by  genetic base.

Achievement of such longevity can change qualitatively purposes and aspirations of society, correct its attitude to life, Earth and world around as a whole.

What is the main distinctive feature of civilization of progress?

Being in apotheosis of its creature abilities, this civilization doesn`t stop in striving for new possibilities and resources. And they lure people into more and more comfortable conditions of life and power above surrounding world.

But comfort is only means for life and not the life itself. That is why bee honey, gained  from nectar dew of flowers, reminds us of this truth.

Honey is not a hasty creation improved by further progress. Its technology was adjusted tens millions years ago and it remained invulnerable for mistakes of experiments.

Honey has kept in itself chastity and authenticity, the superior message from primordial Eden, where man was invited as well. To save up Eden – this was devised to man: « … And from tree of knowledge of good and evil, do not eat from it, as in day  you  taste of it you will die ». It was told in the Bible  more than 2 thousand years ago (the Bible, Genesis, Ch.2, verse 17).

The message of honey to man is much more extensive. Honey has led him in the world of well-established social energies and coordinated efforts, in the world of those substances, technologies and laws, which promise people real possibilities to achieve better health and lost longevity. They open doors into more harmonious and creative relations with nature. Bees can offer us unexpected decisions and help. In this book we shall talk not only of honey but of life terms and of … money, to be exact, of gold - their truth. Of money, that nowadays has lost a part of its main functions, as if forgetting its main destination - to maintain civilization of people,  to be a true and constant measure of social activities, to not lose its value for many years.

To some extent this money is similar to bee honey, which is always ready to be immediately used  and vice versa  to be put by, as  reserve or, as financiers say, - to be hoarded for any long time. Bee honey had been kept from time of Egyptian pyramids, inside which it  was once found  … .

Let us look and think together. There are very beautiful and graceful ways of decision and outcome of many problems. Though with some efforts, let us venture to leave circles and spirals of our "parallel" civilization. Having felt ascending force of four-wing angels of fields, we shall deflect for some time from  glossy – glam  trinkets of  materialistic society. It is that moment when prompting message of honey-creating bees … should be heard …


new book about new currency