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The history of one cream
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An interview with the author of the cream «Morning of queen», scientist-biochemist Sergey Alekseevich Popravko.

part 3. What is this – «White evolution»?

- How does propolis promote determination of the best formula of skin protection? What are consequences of detailed studying of propolis for the big science? What is this – «White evolution»?

We discovered that genealogy of propolis - is the perfect protective system of a wood plant`s kidneys in various periods of its life. First of all this protection is protection of a kidney`s surface and of environment around it. The understanding of the role of «wood tears» and propolis meant that its first assignment is to protect a boundary cover of a body, i.e. skin and surface tissue of our organism. And consequently in order to give this possibility to human beings, it was necessary to find a way of optimum delivery to skin of all required substances.

It meant, that it was necessary to create emulsion that would be non-chemical and ideally compatible with natural fatty covering of a skin. And emulsion at that of the most valuable for a skin type – such as «water-in-oil», or «return» emulsion which is the most scarce in modern cosmetics.

Cosmetics can receive them only by means of chemical, i.e. artificial components - surface-active substances (SAS), that appears completely unacceptable for decision of such problem. It was required «return», non-polluting emulsion, absolutely safe for human body and skin.

We made tens and hundreds of experiments, using traditional approaches, but they did not give results. We needed return «emulsion» with its outstanding transdermal properties, but it was hardly possible receive it by «not chemical» methods.

But bees dispose of such substances, as they feed their larvaes through a gentle thin skin during first three days of their life. We were to delve deeply into chemistry of complex molecules, and even more complex, than those we faced when studying propolis. And …in one of the days the fate smiled to us. We received a very beautiful snow-white emulsion, surpassing even on appearance all those emulsions which we had received earlier by methods of traditional cosmetic chemistry. 

This emulsion smelled delightfully, exhaling aroma of extracted secret favour and good luck.

And at once the name «Morning of Queen», symbolizing new mission of cream and skin, was born automatically. There was «the code of queen» in this emulsion, it contained in full in itself merits of Russian propolis, or «Russian penicillin». It was a triple success - absolutely safe new emulsion, plus excellent protective properties of Russian propolis and vivifying force of «royal jelly», and all this  - in one cream (!) - for our patient Cinderella-skin.

I want to explain that «royal jelly» is that high-status food or superemulsion of the nature which exists only at socially living kinds. It programs new-born cells of skin on timeless or "linear" youth, strongly expressed and certified at ovipositor queen in a beehive. Only «royal jelly» allows a bee queen to live in ten times longer in comparison with usual bees eating usual honey, and thus to postpone every day thousand larvaes which mass repeatedly surpasses manifold its own. This substance is a model of the best – gerontological good of the nature.

For human beings, for example, such prolongation of terms of life would be equated to hundreds and thousands years. But for the present we observe such achievements only at socially living insects - melliferous bees. This is the highest level, achieved by social biochemistry of the nature.

The formula of a cream «Morning of Queen» appeared extremely successful, reproducible and reliable. This cream serves women faithfully almost 20 years, it is well-liked and it will be so in future. The same situation is with the supplemental creams, which are to solve different particular problems of human skin and health.

And finally, as for new horizons which are being opened for the big science by results of chemical fundamental studying of propolis, - I should say the following.

The brilliant chemistry of propolis has given keys to comprehension of complex interspecific correlations in Biosphere. It has allowed to sort out its key, or basic, dominant species.

Not everything can be comprehended by methods of visual observation. Chemistry allows to catch superthin streams of managing particles in complex interspecific correlations, to find latent and inaccessible keys of cognition of wise social biochemistry of the nature, and then to discover suddenly that surprising philanthropic construction of our Biosphere for the future life has already continued for millions years.

Evolution builds Biosphere as ideal and even excessively comfortable dwelling place for human beings who, with all their mistakes, have chosen a way to socially arranged life later than other inhabitants of the Earth.  This way is full of searches, delusions and mistakes.

Such evolution has received the name «White evolution»*. There were bees and their resinous balm propolis, chemically investigated already, that have helped us to highlight its concept. Bees are an ideal object for ecological thinking, a basis for harmonious, creative relations of human beings  with the nature.

Only now we approximate to comprehension of ourselves as a biological type of socially living human beings who are capable to embody their still unopened and non-realized potential - to be those who create and improve their own environment, who improve their planet and biosphere that had existed long before the human beings were invited to this world.

I would like to conclude with the following words:

«The Universe speaks with us in many languages. With clarified and sacred - in language of human beings, but a voice of the nature is not less convincing though unobtrusive. Especially of those its inhabitants which are our forerunners on a public way of life, and among them -  melliferous bees. Their existence on a planet amounts to tens millions years, and the mode of organization of this existence amazes human being, opening them doors in the world of completely other

opportunities... »


* the term «White evolution»  was first used by S.A.Popravko in the book

«A bee on a flower » in 1989.

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